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How to be happy? Manifesting happiness. PART 1

Let me start this with 2 questions for you. 

  1. Are you happy? I mean honestly?

2. Do you really know what I just asked you about?

Because here’s the problem with happiness. People don’t know what that is. I just asked Google, searching for “happiness definition” and it gave me this:

and this:

And any of them help, right? The second one has something, but not much applicable info. “Are you happy?” doesn’t stand for “Are you experiencing positive emotions?”. We all know we can experience joy, satisfaction, orgasm, and laugh loud AND at the same time not being a happy person.

Happiness is your tail

For the introduction first, I’m the kind of person who learns by observing and comparing. By coming from years of “spiritual healing”, tarot reading, and stuff to conscious manifesting I know what works. I mean I see results.

By being human myself, then being raised with a dog to living with cats I observed behavior mechanics. I mean I see patterns.

Both dogs and cats play chasing their tails. The reason why is because their tails can move also involuntarily, (something like our pupils). Imagine that! You have something behind, (the tail) and it moves! Would you like to catch it? Sure you would! The only problem is you can’t because it’s a part of you!

(Btw, guess what Smurf is doing right now when I type it…)

You do exactly the same with happiness. You chase it, but you can’t, because it’s a part of you. You can’t manifest happiness if you don’t know what that is.

The meaning of being happy

“Koti! You just said no one knows what happiness is, and here you say it’s a part of me! It’s contradictive AF!” You’re right. One of my philosophy professors tended to say that “no one is no one specific”, because there’s someone who knows what happiness is. It’s you. (You may not realize it, but you know.) And it’s me. At the same time, we probably won’t agree on the answer. Because being happy is like having the perfect job or ideal partner. There’s no “one way of being happy fits all”.

And being happy is like being unhappy. What kind of circumstances and events, in other words, what do you need to be unhappy? And is it the same for everyone? And I don’t mean “suffer”, but this lasting grumpiness. If we talk general and no one specific, you can google lists of life events that are supposed to make you happy and unhappy. But when we talk about YOU that’s a game-changer.

You can’t manifest a concept

As long as happiness will be a concept only for you, something that you seek and chase, but without knowing what that is, that long your life will be a struggle. You can’t manifest a concept.

Have you seen the movie “Hector and the search for happiness”? It’s a bad movie, but it illustrates the sentence above just right.

If you don’t want to watch it, cool, I have another example: this week I was helping to search for a screw. A black one, that’s everything I knew. Just because of that the chances I’ll find it was low. That could work if my flat wasn’t completely “in the making zone”. But it is and there are screws, nails and I don’t know even what everywhere. + I have 2 cats what elevates “everywhere” to another level. Result? I was only that annoying one who was more disturbing than helping randomly, picking up objects and asking “is it it?” Spoiler: It was never it.

You can’t arrive at an unknown destination.

This is Part 1 of a few as manifesting happiness needs to be approached from a few angles. In Part 2 I talk about how to discover what happiness stands for you and why it can be so hard. Also, what it all has to do with manifesting, and manifesting happiness.

link to the PART 2

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