Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Entering the wish fulfilled. New Year, same you. Why so?

A shortcut: You cannot perfecter the perfect.
And you are already perfect. Yes, I know you don’t honestly think like that most of the time.

Let’s make it one. One moment of each day with you feeling fulfilled, ok, good as you are.

The Kathy Game

This exercise was invented by one of my beloved clients, Kathy, who was frustrated with being frustrated. So what did she do? She decided to assume that anything she does is the most right thing that could be done. And OMG it’s a true game-changer. It’s the shortcut to fulfillment.

“Wait, Koti, but what if i’m supposed to be on the diet, but I just ate the whole bar of chocolate?” – I hear your question. NOTHING. It was what you needed. The average chocolate has 500 calories, that’s about 25% of what the average woman on a diet needs. And when you decide it was it, it stops there. – that’s the info for your head. Your soul doesn’t even bother.

Have you ever ruined your diet by eating so much you couldn’t move anymore? And why did you do this? It started with eating something you thought you shouldn’t and then you thought everything is ruined so you can empty your fridge.
OR you thought you are ugly, sick, and unlovable anyway, so why even bother.

Or when your relationship had issues you did something awful to your partner, it was actually a scream of despair, but you hurt both of you. You did this because you thought it’s all ruined anyway.

Each time it’s actually your decision “it’s not like it should be” and viola, your 3D reality mirrors it. And here you might go into the trap of getting happy despite the… and happy without what you want. You can do it, but why since it’s much harder than skipping “it’s not like it should be”? Because “it’s not like it should be” is your ego playing. Tell yourself how many times you thought you hated something before you realized loved it? That might even include your most loved partner.

And the joke is if you are in the frustration zone now you might hear that I’m telling you to get ok with what you want because you won’t get anything better. NO! I’m telling you to stop judging, getting mad, and self-pity and be like “it, that can lead me to my desires, because they’re totally manifesting already”. And wow! after you stop observing the unwanted it disappears. I know it works this way, but don’t trust me by word. Try it yourself.

(More on Kathy Method and 13 more happiness bringing and anxiety repelling methods we covered in Manifesting Joy Masterclass)

“You thought” = you judged and gave ugly meaning.

There’s this truth treated too often as a slogan only and overlooked. “Feeling is the secret”. It’s not a slogan and it doesn’t mean that you have to be happy. It means that what you feel – sense, preassume, identify, know – creates your reality.

So when you feel you’re broken and you need a fix, no one will love you before you’ll do that and, the world confirms it to you. You can’t change your circumstances without changing your state. Because your reality = your state pushed out. And “I’m a mess” is a state.

I know what I’m talking about. I devoted over a decade to spiritual healing. And there was always more and more to fix within me. This period of my life has ended when I was lying on a bathroom floor, not in my bathroom even, thinking about suicide. It couldn’t be continued. And cutting off all the ‘healing woo woo” is what really healed me. Lol, for so many years I was paying strangers to keep telling me that my chakras are blocked, karma is heavy and I won’t be happy until this, that, and a detox tea. Can you relate?

You know, sometimes people send me those disgusting messages saying that I’m too ugly and too fat to be a manifestation coach, so for sure I’m a scam.
But looking around, most manifestation teachers, including those top ones, are, hm, humans. And I’m sure it’s for a reason. To prove to you that you’re really OK as you are. You don’t have to be Kardashian’s copy first. You need to love yourself and feel loved. If you don’t like how you look, then that can be changed to your liking. I don’t mind as much to be fat now. No one should tell me what my desires should be.
No one should tell you what your desires should be.

And the more you discover your divine uniqness, the less you want to be a copy of someone else.

You might be covered by some crappy assumptions. Let them go away.

Make it the New Year, same you = perfect. Make that resolution to not try to fix yourself this year, but rather discover your divine potential, your god=self. Less healing, more fun, and pleasure.

Resting in the wish fulfilled

You overthink it, trying to live in an endless exhausting fantasy or simply a lie. It’s not about it. Feeling fulfilled = not feeling the lack and knowing you have everything you ever wanted. You can also call it inner peace.

That’s why there’s confusion with “letting go”. Have you ever wondered how to let go of your desire? Have you try it? It’s hard AF isn’t it? But there are all those success stories that say “I got my manifestation when I let it go” or ‘I got it when I forgot about it”. And that’s why you observe magic happening to you when you focus on yourself and your happiness first. In all of those cases you drop the lack = you drop the it’s not like it should be.

And that’s why you do SATS, you imagine a scene when you experience fulfillment of your wish. Neville Goddard, the guy who put the law of assumption together said to “imagine and go back to your day”. Not “imagine and continue fantasizing how would it be”.

Do you want to learn easy exercise to put yourself in the state of unconditional fulfillment? Try “my bed loves me” meditation.