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How to change your past in seconds?

Revision is one of the most underrated law of assumption tools. Let me complain a moment, but I don’t get why with all those easy manifesting methods here, still so many of you choose to struggle with affirmations…

Ok, a quick reminder, what is the revision.

Revision is a tool to change your past. Our past is what we remember and what we feel about what we remember. That’s all in our consciousness. That’s all that we can change.

I had people who said “no” to me say “yes” because I revised.
I had products at stores reappear because I revised.
I had my relationships being restored because I revised.
I had my brushes and cuts heal much faster because I revised.
I had many coming back to me because I revised it.
I had new possibilities opening up for me because I revised.

I love revision. One of the best retreats I ever had was a revision month. It was FREE, and I didn’t need to go anywhere. Everything took place in my imagination only. And it did change my life.

Organise yourself a revision month

What I did was commit to revising one event every day. I started that month with a list of all those painful events from my past… I finished relieved and reborn, giving myself new memories.

Because revision isn’t only to alter something that happened, that’s also an excellent tool to plant something new in your life, like giving yourself new skills. Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Imagine having had started when you were a kid. No, I don’t think that you’ll wake up the day after as a guitar master. There will be some bridging – it will happen in such a way that you’ll be tempted to say that it would happen anyway. So yes, you will have to learn and practice, but learning will be way easier, and your progress will be rapid. I’m talking here based on my own experience. I set my business this way.

But how can you revise your whole life?

You often ask me how you can revise something when it feels like there’s a lot to revise. How to revise your whole childhood or relationship? Or how to revise an event you have blurred memories about. See, you don’t have to remember an event minute after minute and event after event to feel it was painful and to feel still hurt. You don’t.

Revise in seconds

Neville Goddard’s motto. The feeling is the secret – the inner knowing is the key. You feel you have a painful past, you feel it, and that’s now a fact in your life. Then revise that feeling. Revise how you feel about that thing.

This way, you can revise anything in seconds. You had a bad day? It started in the morning with cold coffee and ended up with a parking fee. And you feel sad and frustrated about your day. So simple revision will be just feeling glad and happy about it. You just need the feeling!

Try that one. What can you revise today this way?

All you need to know about Revision covered during one masterclass. What is revision? How does it work? How it doesn’t work? How to use revision o change your present moment? Oh, wow, there are more than 3 uses of this method? What are they? – during the masterclass we’ll cover all that and more!

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