Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Life is but a game. What does it mean to be God?

There was this time when I imagined somethings matter and was stuck there.
I used to have one manifesting area to struggle with, biology – being tired, sleepy, hungry, etc. But that seeming “obstacle” helped me to change the perspective in manifesting. I started seeing my body as already materialized, which means a heavier and slower part of God.

And I gave my biology and having body its rights and stopped forcing myself to feel physically different than I am. That means I don’t expect to have my headache gone in a second or any other pain. Same like I don’t expect my car to teleport me. I let those kinds of manifestations to take their time.

Fun fact. That approach speeds up the process in many cases. Why? Because I don’t stress and don’t force. I know that what’s done is done, and I let it unfold naturally.

When manifesting is a lifestyle

Do you know why this page and my whole project is called LIVING with Neville? It’s my manifest that I made manifesting with Neville’s law of assumption my lifestyle. It means that in my life, there are ONLY my manifestations. I live by Neville Goddard’s those teachings. I have Neville Goddard as my living buddy.

There was a time when every discomfort in my body triggered me to dive into a crappy state. The worse I felt, the shittier state I was finding myself in. For example, I was shifting into “victim” every time I was hungry or exhausted. That victim state was giving me emotions of sadness or anger and those thoughts of being a loser. Why? Because I was fighting with my biology then, I was at war with being flesh. (And I wasn’t geting that state is not an emotion). And this human body here is…

Ok, Neville liked Biblical metaphors. He was like:

“God is the root, the source, the cause of all life. He is the father of David, yet his offspring!
As the source, God is David’s father, called Jesse or I AM. As the offspring, David is called the son of God. (..)
Here we see that the root and the offspring are one. I (the root of David) am the cause of all life. In spite of that, I come out of David, recognize him, and say: “Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.”

As God the Father, I assume the limitations of the flesh; and using one who is a man after my heart and will do all my will, I become conscious of being a rich man, a poor man, a beggar, and a thief, until David reveals me as his father. “I came to do the will of my Father, yet I am the Father, for God, the Father and the Son of God is one I AM.” ”

(Neville Goddard in Christmas – “Man’s birth as God”)

Using human language means that you – that you with a name, you’re a state that God experiences life through. Your true nature is God, but you as a single person is only God’s avatar.
Using 90’s kids’ language, this means that your personality and body are your Tamagotchi.

Epiphany. But since I got this, my life got so much easier! My manifestations got so much easier! Because the one who’s manifesting – giving life to my desires and who knows everything, all the whys, and hows – that’s God. Me, Koti, I’m the state which experiences all that.

Another metaphor, if life is a game, me-God sits in front of the screen and presses buttons on a keyboard. Plays. Me, Koti – I act, I’m the character God decided to embody.

And when I understood that me – God/ me-me ratio…

That way, I let myself be human without feeling bad about it. I can be hungry. I can suffer. I can miss my ex. I can be tired. And that doesn’t mean that I’m doing anything wrong or that I’m damned. I’m human – God wearing flesh.

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