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Does Neville teach forgiveness? Do you need to forgive yourself first? How?

So does Neville teach forgivness or not?

Let’s see:

“So the greatest talent, the greatest challenge to overcome, is the art of forgiveness. By forgiveness I do not mean a verbal agreement, leaving the memory of what was forgiven.”
“To completely forgive I must completely forget the event. No matter what was said, if you forgive me you can’t even remember what I did or said.”– Neville Goddard in “Infinite States”

Then ok, but do I need to forgive MYSELF FIRST???

I came to Neville from BSC world, which seems to be built on „forgive yourself” idea. And trust me, I spent many years and hundreds of dollars trying to forgive myself. I’ve never succeeded!
Now I know that it didn’t happen because there was simply nothing to forgive. There never is.
Because forgiving myself is like being my own Godfather… Admitting that I did something very bad and very stupid, what I will forgive, commit to being better next time… Fuck, impossible.

Forgiveness vs Forgetfulness

And Neville says… just forget about it. Like it has never happened. Reverse. What do want INSTEAD? Commit to that.

“Only willing to see what you want to see, if you persuade yourself that you are now what you want to be, you have forgotten what you were before. That’s forgiveness.” – Neville Goddard in “Infinite States”

Commit to what you want. Accept that and that only. No guilt. No fixing. No trying better since now. Forget about it. Completely drop it. Skip it. Throw it away. Reverse.

Does it mean I never have to apologize to anyone or anything like that? Does it mean I have to be an asshole for others? Not at all. It means to never dig myself in pain and regret. It means to choose something lovely instead and let it do the job. Because our free will ends with choosing a state. So instead of overthinking, just enter your chosen state one and see what it will make with you.