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Power of the words

Do words have power? I mean do they? Really?

According to the argument online… it’s hard to tell. Some people swear by the magical power of the words, others make a circling motion of the index finger at the side of the head.

So let’s talk about it and clear that confusion for you and your manifesting. Ready?

Let’s talk about affirmations, negations, and feelings.


I love you. I do.






Did it make something to you? I mean did you feel anything? What? No?!

ok, let’s try one more time:


Notice, I even used the “screaming” capital letters for an extra kick. Did you feel something this time? Still nothing?

Ok. But when your partner tells you this… or texts, it’s different, right? Same words, exactly the same words, but they work differently in this situation.

So wait, does it mean that the power is not in the words, but somewhere else?

Hmm, let’s continue with this.

But what if your partner would send you “Ngiyakuthanda” instead?

According to Google Translate, that’s “I love you” in Zulu. There’s a chance that you don’t speak Zulu and this word is empty for you. No power. No meaning.

don’t love you

And has ever someone who was telling you at first they loved you, and it was so divine… Then they told you they don‘t. Doesn’t matter if that was “I never loved you” or “I don’t love you anymore”. It hurt like a moth**f****r and you cried for weeks.

But actually… Those are the same words that were waking up the butterflies in your stomach. It’s “I love you” + “not”. And the new age internet claims that our brain doesn’t understand or even hear negation? So are they crazy or only lying to you?

Does your brain understand negations? Wow!

When you affirm

And has someone ever lied to you they loved you? I mean they were saying those words and repeating them many times, but… it still didn’t make them love you. Crazy, right?

Or you told someone you loved them when you didn’t. And your feelings didn’t change.

Shit… does it mean affirmations don’t work?


Words don’t have power. They don’t. Have you ever misunderstood someone or someone misunderstood you and you needed to talk about the intentions? But if power would be in the words, wouldn’t that be unnecessary? 

Will, you still understand if I’ll switch languages? I guess not unless that would be another language you speak.

Power isn’t in the words but in the meanings. And those, meanings are what you add/ attach to the words. It depends on your age, cultural background, and past life experiences.

Manifestation Witch

Lately, I launched my signature program designed to explain the manifestation. I named it “Manifestation Witch – Powerful AF” that on the way was reduced to “Powerful AF” only. 

The word “witch” caused a lot of negative emotions and connotations for a part of you. Plus I got too many emails from the male part of my audience asking if they also can join.

You can say I knew it will be like that and that’s why I chose a double name. So why did I choose this name in the first place?

I am Polish and in the Polish language “witch” is “wiedźma” and it stands for the knowing.

Wiedźma – witch

Wiedza – knowledge

Wiedzieć – to know

Wie – she/he knows

I choose the name “Manifestation Witch” to say that my program aims to bring you clarity and understanding in manifestation. But it doesn’t work like that for non-Polish people. You hear the word “witch” and very different associations play in your head.

That’s why the part “Manifestation Witch” disappeared from the name making it “Powerful Af!”.

By the way, the Powerful AF! will make you understand how manifestation works and discover your unique manifesting style – what works for you specifically, so you can start getting results every time without a miss.

The program is open for latecomers for only a few more days and then it closes till the next round in autumn. Join here or send me a message about it. (If you’re in manifesting community for long, but still struggle to get consistent results and having a hard time getting it = it’s you who the Powerful AF! is for)

To affirm or not to affirm

We had the commercial break, let’s finish this topic.

If the power lies not in the words but in the meaning YOU attach to them, then what about the affirmations.

What is an affirmation? Affirmation is a positive statement that when repeated is supposed to become true. And many people swear by affirmations. The fun part is, that most of them actually know affirmations don’t work. How? If they tell me affirmations work only when felt real… I hear feeling is what does the job (the feeling is the secret) and repeating some sentences to it is unnecessary decoration.

So if you’re wasting your time looking for perfect affirmations, you can stop. Words don’t matter.

And that’s also why you don’t have to know how to describe what you want with words. Words don’t matter. Feeling does.

And “not”?

“Koti! And what with negations? Does my brain understands them or not?”

Again, it’s not the words. It’s the focus.

Because if you go “he/she doesn’t love me”, where your focus is on? On being rejected, right?

And if you go “I don’t go to work tomorrow”, where your focus is on? On having a free day, right?

Feeling is the secret

Words and languages are codes we use to express what we feel. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to express what we feel in words. It’s because words are limiting to feelings.

And with all of the languages out there, words from different ones don’t overlap. “Witch” and “wiedźma” is one of the examples.

There’s a lot of confusion here with the word “feeling” it’s because in English it has multiple meanings and how it should be understood depends on the context. Here, when it comes to the law of assumption “feeling” stands for “being deeply convinced something about something”. And it has nothing to do with emotions or romantic… feelings. (The same word again, but I mean something else now.)

If power would be in the words, homonyms shouldn’t exist, right?