Koti Tea – manifestation coach

You TRIED EVERYTHING to manifest and nothing worked. (client study case)

You were visualizing for a month, affirming daily, and scripting in the present tense. You TRIED EVERYTHING to manifest and nothing worked.

“I tried everything and nothing worked” – these were the exact first words she said to me on our first 1:1 call.

Kim was a walking Wikipedia of techniques. The first thing I did was call her at this.

She knew it all, the 333, 555, AA, crystal manifestation, light manifestation, binaural subliminal, the list went on and on and on. 

For a short or shorter time, she tried it all.

But nothing gave her the life she wanted

The thing is, doing techniques is NOT manifesting. 

Techniques may take place in the process of conscious manifesting, they’re helpful when we first switch from unaware to conscious manifestation, but that’s it. 

+ Wrong techniques may be sabotaging you. (ex. when you try hard to visualize, when you can’t see clearly in imagination, or putting yourself deeper and deeper into lack with affirmations)

Kim almost fired me when I told her the above.

Hopefully, she didn’t and agreed to try “my way”.

This “my way” has a few principles, here they are:

1️⃣ We manifest all the time, and if we don’t need special rituals to manifest unconsciously, we shouldn’t also need them to manifest consciously.

2️⃣ The key to fast and effortless manifestation is understanding and taking control of that unconscious way of manifesting and using the same pattern to manifest consciously.

3️⃣ Manifestation requires deep self-knowledge. 

And, applying these principles is a life change after which your life will never be the same again. 

My life isn’t the same anymore.

Kim’s life isn’t the same.

it isn’t for dozens of people who took my Powerful AF program.

Here’s what Kim came to me with, she wanted a new job and to be happier. She claimed she manifested her 2 former jobs, but still ended up in a workplace she wanted to escape from. Felt miserable and like the Universe was hating her, even when she was getting what she wanted, it was turning against her.

The reason why it was looking for her like that is because Kim was manifesting “something else”, but focusing on what she was already having. By default, we all do this. This gives us a different 3D manifestation but made from the same energy as the previous one.

I was manifesting flats like this.

You might be manifesting partners like that, so it’s like the same guy over and over, but in different bodies. 

When that’s your case it’s easy to think “Universe hates me” or rich for karmic explanations. For real what you need to do to stop the circle is to ask yourself what you want.

Kim got her new job, the first in her life that she really enjoys.

It took a bit over 4 months for her. 4 months of unlearning techniques and learning herself, her needs, her desires, and her subconscious patterns.

There cannot be another side-effect to having a job that you love and knowing yourself better, than feeling happier.

Do you feel like you tried everything to manifest, but nothing worked?

Kim was in the same boat.

She knew all the techniques, but nothing gave her the life she wanted.

The thing is, manifestation is not about repeating techniques, it’s about what you assume as real and natural in your reality.

The key to fast and effortless manifestation is understanding and taking control of your unconscious mind. Understanding your desires and how your mind works.

There’s no specific technique that anyone can successfully use to manifest a new car, job, success, or relationship.

But when you know yourself and your desires, and the law of assumption principles, you can manifest everything you want.