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How to manifest getting things for FREE?!

You highly requested this topic, so here it is.

How to manifest free things?

But before I answer that one, let’s think together what does “free” mean. “Free stuff”. What emotions does that trigger in you? What do you automatically think about?

If that simple exercise put you in the good feelings of being cherished, spoiled, and taken care of, GREAT! Then I guess you don’t have any problems with manifesting free things and gifts, and you enjoy it!

But if you just found yourself feeling poor, being on the mercy of others, we talk about something completely different.

Those two different reactions, thoughts, and emotions reveal two different states of being – identities. Here you can read what does state mean.

Who do you want to be?

And when we talk about Neville Goddard method, we don’t talk about attracting things, but about changing states. Becoming who we want to be—becoming that person who has our thing.

You can become someone who gets free things! Simply assume that.

But before that…
Do you really want FREE things? I mean, is that the primary adjective to your desires? Free?

I ask you, do you want stuff that is FREE or EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT.

Do you want to be someone who gets free things?
Or someone who has exactly what he/ she wants?

Last week I published a podcast on that very same topic. You can find it here and listen!