Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Are you ready to let go your pain?

It’s the law of ASSUMPTION, and it’s for a reason. Because you have to ASSUME. There’s no other way. And it’s a LAW, something like a rule, not a person, nothing alive at all.It’s something that you are using. You are operating that. Basic stuff, but too easy to miss. You are the operant power. That means you can’s assume one thing and expect others to happen.

The law of assumption won’t try to convince you it works. No, it will simply work for you like it always does.

(So if you believe you can manifest anything but… Then it is so. That’s your assumption.)

You have to be ready to leave your pain away. Most people struggle here. Suffering is easy. Pain makes our life smaller and monothematic, isn’t it? When we suffer, no matter if the pain is physical or emotional, nothing else matters. That’s comforting because the pain feels SPECIAL. And we all crave special.

C’mmon, no one would be a victim if there weren’t bonuses to that. Pain feels special.

Sometimes, rarely, but it happens. I have those clients who try to use me as an excuse to continue being a victim. “Oh, oh, I payed a lot to that coach and nothing changed”. Then I still do my coaching job and imagine best for that person. I assume I am the bridge for a better life for others, no matter if they use that right now or later. I record the sessions and send them in case that’s that other choice.