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How to manifest EXACTLY what you want?

Was that ever you? That person asking in the groups why you manifested XYZ and how it’s not what you wanted? I just answered a question like that with bitchy sounding “you manifested exactly what you imagined”.

That’s one of the most common mistakes that’s caused by two overlooked “rules” to manifesting:

  1. Always go straight to the end.
  2. Always make it all about you.

If you skip those, it’s guaranteed you’ll end up asking why you manifested the wrong thing again.

What do you actually want? What’s your desire?

Those are 2 main questions that you keep seeing repeated here over and over and over.

I have this article on basic desires that talks about it. But let me explain it to you with an example. Why knowing what exactly I want is so important?

This approach of always getting directly to the end helps me manifest with the maximum speed, so you might want to try it out!

Why asking myself “what do I really want” is so important? Often I get questions like “but wouldn’t that be a middle”? The answer is IT DEPENDS because what is only middle for me might be an end desire for you.
It depends on what we really want.

Let me share with you one of my silly daily success stories to illustrate what the hell I am talking about.

Manifesting EXACTLY that thing – study case

Recently, since I moved to the city center I started enjoying using the Too Good to Go app. If you don’t know this one, it’s an app that helps fight food waste by connecting people with stores and restaurants that have unsold surplus food at the end of the day. Mostly it looks like you get a “surprise package” from a place.

And I love that surprise thing as it has already made me try so many new foods! If you are like me and have that inner kid that makes you eat the same foods over and over again you might enjoy trying Too Good To Go.

on the side:
You might already know I’m not into manifesting deals and things for free. Yes, it does work, but so what if this approach doesn’t change your financial situation?
So overlooked fact is, that you can’t get rich by spending less. (If you want to know how I financially leveled up using manifestation and you want to to the same – get Manifesting Money Masterclass)

When I started using the app I noticed some places from which packages always get sold in minutes. So I thought they need to be good.

That’s how I manifested donuts.
You need to know I’m not a huge donut fan. Unless we talk donuts in Poland (pączki) and only when they’re fresh and still warm. And especially with cheese or pistachio fillings. Yum!

One of the fastly sold-out places is a donut bakery nearby. I was on the phone with a friend the other day when I saw a notification that they offer packages. But then they were sold out before I opened the app!

Ugh! I was like “no way! there’s no offer for me”. So what did I do? I revised of course! I imagined I bought one of the offered packages. I clicked the button in my imagination.

Effect? Something like 3 minutes later more packages were available. And that’s what it looks like:

I packed them all into the freezer… And guess what anyone visiting me is getting?

Why so?
Why the technique I used was a revision and why I imagined that I clicked the button instead of imagining eating a donut or simply being satisfied after? Because… I didn’t want a donut at all! I wanted to not miss out on this. I hate when a chance is being offered to me and then it’s gone before even I can decide if I want something. So that’s what I wanted. I wanted to buy the donuts. Not necessarily eat them, and that’s why I froze them.

Now it’s time to manifest people visiting me, so someone can eat them. (joke)

That’s why let me ask you, what is that you want?

They’re no rules about what is a middle and what is a basic desire, except this one: anything that you want first/ to get something else is a middle.

That’s why if I would be revising to get the donuts I would be messing with a middle.
If you want to win the lottery to get the money, you’re messing with a middle.
But if you desire to win the lottery, because you want to win the lottery, then that’s your desire.

The question is, what EXACTLY do you want? Unconditionally, just because you want it?

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