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I manifested a falafel. Why does it matter?

I LOVE pearls, and here I mean those white/ pink/ black treasures of the sea. And pearl jewelry is my favorite. But this is a manifestation blog with falafel in this article’s title. So let’s go.

The law of assumption starts with this guy named Neville Goddard, who loved the bible and biblical metaphors. And he first used the expression “buy the pearl”.

If you want to succeed in manifesting, not to the point of manifesting the thing here and there, but fully transforming your life to your liking – you have to buy the pearl. That means to accept yourself as the only one creative force in your reality.

You got extra money? – it’s because of your imagination.

Mick Jagger got covid? – it’s because of your imagination.

A shit happened? – it’s because of your imagination.

That doesn’t mean you’re the one to blame. It means it started with you and ends with you. You’re in charge.

Not everybody is willing to accept it as true. Because ok, you might tell, if I spend 20 minutes every day for 3 months on imagining XYZ, and then XYZ happens – you call it your manifestation.

Butt, Jagger’s covid? How on Earth?!

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is your assumption hardened into fact. Or, in other words, your state pushed out.

So what are you imagining (that stands for – acknowledge as true) about both Mick and covid?

I manifested a falafel

And I did it again. Two days ago someone shared this article in an FB group. I saw it and remembered. It was very early 2020 before covid started. I still had my day job and I was working Saturdays. That day was a Saturday and for a reason, I was thinking about falafels, my favorite street food. There was a nice place close to where I worked.

And that moment, thinking about that, I caught myself on experiencing that falafel already in my imagination. I felt the texture and the taste was almost present in my mouth. It was a second. But I noticed it. It was done. I was having a falafel that day. Because even if I would decide to restrain myself, I would still do it another day.

(When I was learning the law of assumption I took part in the “manifesting mangoes challenge”. After imagining eating that fruit I was walking around without my wallet for over a week to not get one. But ugh, it felt like they were hunting me! I wanted to have a mango so much!

Finally, I got myself one.

That was also a lesson, a HUGE one on effortless manifesting. I mean it’s so easy to be like “I manifested this! I manifested a mangos!” when it falls from the sky and hits your head. But going to the store and buying it? With your own money?

The thing is, it’s also a manifestation. Same valid. and you not wanting to accept that is you limiting the law. You’re part of it, baby. When you assume XYZ “the whole Universe whispers to give you that”. Or translating from Paulo Coelho to Neville Goddard – everybody plays their part. Often that part is you moving your 3D ass.)

I imaginally/ internally experienced a falafel and then it was sure I’ll have one. Somebody could buy me one or make one for me, or one could fall from the sky, but I decided to not wait for that, because why to wait for a delicious falafel? So I went to that place just after work.

I manifested a falafel.

Earlier that day, before work. I have passed by a nice falafel place. And I was like „yuuuum”. I felt it real without planning it. But I NOTICED. And I didn’t reverse. So it was done. Since then it was a natural – obvious thing for me that falafel’s for lunch today.
I nailed it on the spot.

Then it felt like „I have to” get it. / Like it’s already decided. / Like „something higher than me” wants me to buy it./ It felt like a done deal./ It felt like the most natural thing to do.

So I went there, and I bought my falafel. Not really because I wanted it. Not at all because I wanted to – wanting was a secondary thing. I mean I wanted it, of course! And I enjoyed it as well! But the reason for both – for wanting and for enjoying – was the imaginal act. That I experienced it BEFORE in my consciousness.

I manifested a falafel.

No, it wasn’t free, I paid for it. No, I don’t live in any falafel unfriendly place. Probably even I live in the most falafel-friendly city on this planet. It’s actually weird that the only place where you can’t find it here it’s city symbol. That’s really weird.

I bought the pearl

So one more time, why was that falafel a manifestation win?

Because that day, I truly got it. that day I bought the pearl. That day I noticed that link between my “passing thoughts” and my manifestations. I noticed how I experience things in my imagination on a daily basis and that they manifest later.

That day I also noticed that I don’t need daily 20 minutes sessions done for 3 months do manifest something. I need seconds.

Realizing that has rocked my life. Really getting, through your own experience, that consciousness is the only reality it’s a game-changer.
Buying a pearl is a life-changing thing. It’s like first sex. Like giving birth. Like a bar mitzvah. (Choose your own metaphor). Buying a pearl changes everything. Because it’s a life-altering thing. Life is a different experience after that.

What is the pearl? It’s Knowing/Experiencing/ Accepting for REAL with ANY exceptions that consciousness is the only reality.

NOTICE: What is consciousness? Consciousness is the total sum of your assumptions. All that you believe is true. All facts. That all sums up consciousness. And there’s only one consciousness – YOURS. (That implies A LOT).

Today I manifested falafel again. I could blame that person who shared my original post from 2,5 years ago. But I know she did it because I imagined something before. I’m sure about this seeing how many things it already caused. Me traveling to another side of a city for a sandwich, that’s one. Me, updating that old article, that’s two. New people discovering this blog for the first time, that’s three. They having aha moments, wanting more and buying my courses and coaching to learn more from me, that’s four.

There is only one consciousness. Your. Period.

That’s why my falafel it’s a win. I imagined it and then I ate it.

If you have bought the pearl you know that you run this show. If you have bought the pearl you know that the whole life is your manifestation, If you have bought the pearl – you know that living is manifesting. If you have bought the pearl you know that everything is possible. (And you’re not interested in what’s possible… You’re just making your dreams rock-solid real). If you have bought the pearl – you are making it about you on autopilot. You know how it works.

If you have bought the pearl you don’t blame yourself for the shit that has happened, but instead, start imagining something else immediately.

No one has ever asked about it, so here it is: Koti Tea’s favorite falafel places in Berlin. Not sponsored:

Libanon Falafel Müllerstraße 165

Safari Imbiss Müllerstraße 143 (They have the motto “Jesus is the lord”. I kid you not.)

63 Gemüse Kebap Breslauer Platz 1