Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Is manifestation all about techniques? Do you need techniques to manifest?

You’re in search of the best manifesting technique. That popular girl on TikTok said to do this. But will it help you manifest your big desire?

Yes it might.


How many things/ desires can you manifest that way? And is it sustainable?
I know it’s not for me. I know it’s not my clients, that’s why they chose me. They came to me saying: “Koti, I tried so many crazy things and it didn’t work. But what you teach actually MAKES SENSE”

The only routine I’ve ever kept disciplined is drinking coffee in the morning. Yes, you read it right.

I’m not a fan of manifesting techniques or routines.

If I would be … I would have nothing to manifest. I confessed in earlier posts that I’m manifesting a partner now. But it feels very much done and there’s no rush to it, it will manifest when it will manifest. I don’t do any techniques there. Except for that one I don’t have any “big” desires. I have manifested my job, my apartment, my money, great friends, and a lifestyle that feels soooo mine and so cozy.

There’s currently nothing I want to chase and it feels orgasmic.

And what I’m here for, what my message is that you can have that too. The life you love living day by day.

The joke is, this pressure to get that manifestation you’re crazy about, the money, the person, the house, the… That thing that makes you crazy to try the next fancy technique hoping it will finally work.

The problem with manifesting techniques is…

The techniques do nothing on their own. They’re tools. You can cut your bread with a knife, but you’ll stay hungry if you don’t have bread. That means no matter how many techniques you’ll use if you won’t in the right state of being.

You don’t need techniques, you need a state of being and a way of thinking that’s as different from the standard mindset you were taught by your parents, it’s as different as it only can be.

On the side:

The law of assumption strictly uses the word “state of being” which I know it’s problematic. So here’s a synonym from the coaching world – mindset.

state of being = mindset

Your state aka mindset now makes you think that getting what you want is hard and requires sacrifice. Maybe even you operate from the program that anything good in life comes with a price. That mindset makes you chase techniques, the more time and energy consumed, the better! The weirder and more complicated the better! And let’s affirm for the rest of the day until you’ll feel your brain is getting well done, ready to serve with fries! Oh yes!

That’s why if you want to seriously change your life with manifestation, the POWERFUL AF program is your way to go. This program makes a big bang in your head, your victim mindset dies and clarity, understanding, and your own manifesting superpower are born. So you manifest your biggest and smallest desires like crazy.

So you feel (and are) more awesome than Beyonce during Grammys and you get like “pinch me” is my life turning into a fairy tale? But when you’re a conscious manifestor and all your skills are unlocked… ok your life IS a FAIRY TALE!

And you CAN get that one big desire by only repeating techniques.

But will this last? (Anyone here with the story of I manifested the money/ him/ her/ the job and it’s gone by now? There’s me, anyone else?)

When manifesting that one big thing with lots of techniques, can you still notice and honor your other desires? Because for me it felt like I wanted anything except that one thing. And it wasn’t true.

So if you have only ONE big desire on a pedestal and you’re barging with the Universe that if you get that one thing, you’ll never ever ask for anything else …

When manifesting that one big thing this way, can you still live enjoyable life? Or does it feel like you can enjoy nothing as long as that one thing is not manifested?

I don’t want to never, ever cage myself in repeating techniques like rituals. Finally, I know I don’t have to. And you don’t have to. It doesn’t make sense for you to agree with me that we manifest all the time and then be like “I’m ok with manifesting mediacore shit on autopilot and struggle hard for getting what I truly want”.

If we manifest all the time, if everything in our life, around us, is manifested by us, then manifesting is easy, effortless, and automatic. The only thing you need to do is to change what you’re manifesting. Not “how”, but “WHAT”.

When it comes to “how” you’re manifesting – you’re already doing it. And what you need is to discover and turn conscious of your natural way of doing it. You need to notice the mechanism between “I only thought about it and it manifested”. Powerful AF program with me your best-ever guide on this.

And you do this by adopting a new mindset, a new way of thinking. Having a new way of thinking is not editing your thoughts by the way.

Learning a ritual-like technique or 2 might help you to manifest one or a few manifestations.
But not a lasting transformation.
So if you truly want to become someone happier, weather, and more successful, you need to forget about techniques and change your state aka mindset.