Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifesting your SP won’t make you happy. Making them disappear won’t make you happy either.

When was the last time information truly changed your life? If you don’t remember, today is a new day and it might be today.

I LOVE learning about how we operate as humans and what evolutionary and hormonal blueprints we have, that we commonly don’t even know about.

And those things don’t take away from the law of assumption, but coexist. So we have 2 legs* and we don’t even imagine having like 5 of them instead.** Why? Because humans have 2 legs.

And… humans always look for someone to blame. And one of the theories is that that’s why people believe in God, (talking about conventional religions), there simply needed to be some ultimate figure to put in charge.

And that’s why you might have such a hard time learning about the law of assumption. It counterintuitively wants you to put yourself in charge.

Maybe that’s why the law of attraction talks a lot about vibrations and the Universe giving you things is way more popular. 

Yesterday I missed a train and it was somebody’s fault.

So.. not at all. There’s this one place I was passing by that always remembers me about a friend. So I remembered about him and thought I should message him.

And It was all happening very fast because I was in a hurry to catch a train.

And I missed it, only saw it leaving. And then suddenly, obviously! It was all his fault and I got so, so mad at him!

Only… he wasn’t even there. But because I was just thinking about him at that moment, he automatically was blamed in my head.

Are you tired of people, who constantly blame others for EVERYTHING? Me too… and the worst is, we’re them too!

That’s obviously not true that we constantly blame others. It’s a total BS.

But we tend to blame people who are the closest to us, in both meanings, people we meet every day and people we think most about.

Do you know someone who still conditions their lives on someone who left years ago? Died or started living with someone else, and they still talk about them thinking life would be so much better with them. Maybe it’s your grandma talking about your grandpa. Or your mom talking about your dad. That with them, those who left it was all different. And it sucks because they’re not there.

Or maybe that’s you thinking about someone…

And as much as it might seem romantic, it’s truly not. It’s only blaming someone else for not living your life.

And when you’re under pressure, you’re a blame machine!

Plus, in stressful situations, it’s literally the first person around. Yesterday I blamed my friend, that didn’t last for longer than 10 seconds, as it was totally irrational.

But when we missed a flight with a friend, because we got lost in a foreign city at 4 am, I got blamed. And she wasn’t talking to me for something like 2 hours.

Think about it, , am I right and when something is going on you have a person in your mind that gets blamed? It’s easier to deal with patterns like this when you know those are patterns. Something like being irritated when you’re hungry. You then know that irritation is not real. 

And here we come to SP issues. You think that your life would be so different if you were with that or that other person, or if someone else would do something else. Or disappear from your life. 

Meanwhile big chances are your life in an “oh, not that again” story. 

You meet someone, a romantic partner, or a friend. And then it get’s “oh no that again”. And you break up. And it’s “like that again”, so you look for another partner, so it get’s “oh no that again”. And the cycle continues.

I bet you know why it is so. You are manifesting. And everybody is you pushed out. Those phrases are way more than phrases when it comes to living them. 

By the way, if you are stuck why manifesting a person it might be that you prefer to be delusional and hoping than actually manifest them and have that “oh no that again” moment.

But every “oh no that again” thing is ONLY on you. As a former “give me a relationship and I’ll turn it into a trauma” person, I know what I’m saying.

The only thing you can change from others is a confirmation of who you are and how life is. To change your relationships you have to change yourself.

That means that whoever and for what you blame today, it’s not on them, it’s on you. 
Others really can’t change much for us. Only we are in charge of that because only we can interpret and add meanings to things and events ourselves. There are truly no objective facts in life. In your experience, there’s no “it’s raining”. This rain is always doing something to you. But what it does depends on you only.

Still, you will find yourself blaming others again. Or government. Or Universe. Or XYZ for being there or not being there. Only now remember it’s some bug that we all have built-in in our human brains. And that for real, you’re in charge of how your life looks like.