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How does a state work? What to DO after getting into your chosen one?

Another reminder. I used to be that “forever in the process” kind of person. It got me to nowhere.
Now I’m a process hater and I’m proud of it.

I wrote it somewhere before, it’s worth repeating over and over again. The state NEVER has anything to do with a material world. Anything materialized, anything physical has literally no influence on the state we’re in. A STATE CREATES / LEADS PHYSICAL, that works ONLY in that direction.

My beauty transformation

My personal story to illustrate and help you understand it better.
Last October, I imagined one of my best friends “wowing” for the way I look.

I wanted to feel beautiful and attractive. – my basic desire here.
I wanted to have a better haircut and lose some weight, – my specific desire. Something I thought I wanted.

I did a couple of sessions simply seeing my friend, (who I normally see only once for a couple of months). Saying jealously “Dziołcha, ło pieruna! Ale żeś się zmieniła” ??
And that’s how a revolution began.

Since then I got many beauty treatments, lost weight, changed my diet, decided to change my hair color, which I used to think about that it was perfect and started hating my boho clothes, which I also used to love before.
(Here’s another insight on why our bridges look that or another way, but I’ll write about it other time)
This last one is connected with getting a stylist’s consultation. I picked one that I believed would be best. I didn’t book an appointment right away. And that person has super long waiting lists. Still, I was decided. In the meantime, many things regarding my “beauty transformation” was happening, so I stopped doing sessions around it, I wasn’t even revising anything. It was manifesting, right? So I wasn’t even bothering myself if I’m in the right state… Things were happening, I began to have a PLAN with what to do and what to get.
I found and booked another stylist, with a much shorter list. I checked her portfolio and liked it.

Is it done yet? A proces trap

But a few days ago I re-did my original session, with my friend excited and jealous of my look. Right after that, I started to doubt if the choices I made were right. I started to think that maybe I made a mistake with that another stylist and started to think about that first one.
I stopped myself and asked what the heck? “That’s not me making choices, that’s always the state. So where that all comes from?”
So here it is: I totally left the end and instead I placed myself IN THE PROCESS of getting there. And it was slowing everything down. I ignored “warning signs” before: I made a bad hairdresser choice, a micro-needling didn’t give such good results I expected. Those situations shouted I’M NOT IN MY IDEAL, but I was so busy with my plan and my process that I wasn’t paying attention…

From my “In the Process” state I was slowing everything down to have my transformation last longer and longer. From this state I was excited how good looking I WILL BE after that and that.
While from my ideal “beautiful, attractive woman” state I think that certain things will be fun to do and get. But I FEEL ATTRACTIVE NOW, TODAY.
I canceled the second stylist, it would be a terrible choice. I have three months to wait for the first one I originally picked. Because I don’t need her to look good, I look good already and it will be fun to be her client.


That’s why we do our sessions until we’re fully satisfied. Until we FEEL that’s it’s DONE. Not until something starts to happen, not until it manifest. That doesn’t matter, the only thing that is is if I’m satisfied or not. And if I notice that I’m not satisfied anymore… I redo my session. I am also a big fan of making sessions on things that are already manifested – to keep things dream driven and as I chose them to be.

And also…. Who told me I’m traveling third class? I mean have to wait three months? I don’t have to accept that.

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