Koti Tea – manifestation coach

If you ask questions like that – STOP! They take your power away.

Neville Goddard said that in order to manifest whatever we want we need to “buy the pearl”, that means to accept us and only us as the only one create power in our life. That there’s only one force to blame and only one to be thankful for – YOU.

One of my first articles on this blog was about the pearl and its meaning. The article is about… manifesting a falafel. Stupid, right? No. You can’t accept yourself as the only creative power without accepting that everything is your manifestation. Bread and chickpeas included. I advise you to check the previous article altogether with reading this one.

How to NOT accept yourself as a creative force? It can be sneaky!

How to sell the pearl? In other words how to deny your power? It’s easy. It’s absolutely enough to start wondering, “WHY? Why is that happening to me?”

You see, I was getting crazy on Sunday. I felt attacked and taken advantage of. And all of that because I sold the pearl in the silliest way.

Imagine a small town where everybody knows everybody. That doesn’t mean everybody is friends, but that nobody is anonymous. You have it? OK

On Sunday, six different people came to me all at once complaining about someone else, about Bob. And you see, I don’t really know Bob, I mean, I know his name, how he looks, and what he does for a living. Basically nothing. We never talked in person, except maybe a short small talk just to be excellent. That’s it.

But on Sunday… Oh, on Sunday, I find out a lot about this guy, ugly things only. And that was my manifestation. You see, the first person who came to me telling me she was con by Bob is someone close to me. So it became MY PROBLEM. I let myself feel like having a problem with Bob. So more people came telling me Bob also coned them. Feeling is the secret. And that feeling is the knowing/ conviction that something is a fact. I felt “I have a problem with Bob”.

When I asked myself this one question – I gave away my power.

And here I sold my pearl. I started wondering, “Why it’s me who they come to?” and “What does it mean to me?” The old, good, looking for tips from Universe… crap.

I had an awful Sunday trying to figure out all of his. “Maybe I’m like Bob? Maybe I should do something? I made helping people my job, so maybe I should go to Bob and beat his face? What should I do? What is this situation trying to tell me?” that was my Sunday.

And there was one thing I really was supposed to do. Remember that I am the operant power and stop torturing myself with a drama with somebody I barely know. And when I did it and had a good laugh at how stupid I can be…
The drama ended.

No, there’s no hidden message the Universe it’s trying to tell you. There’s just other power than you manifesting your life by choosing what’s true.