Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Make manifesting about YOU. Here’s how:

All the states have all the emotions. There’s never enough to repeat it as we all heard too many times that we have to be happy to manifest.

No, that’s not the case as 1) we manifest all the time, 2) feeling of the wish fulfilled isn’t an emotion.

 Emotions are biological, so you’re basically trying to influence your biology when trying to influence them. It’s like manifesting not eating at all. Maybe it’s possible. I don’t care. I want my ice cream.

I struggled to manifest my ideal weight FOR YEARS

You know. I used to be a fit obsessed teenager, that ended as a fat woman at war with sweets and her body. (And, of course, the more I was demonizing sweets, the more I craved them.)

 Back then, I struggled and bounced between trying to manifest not craving sweets and trying to manifest sweets not making me fat.

It seems that it wasn’t working. Now I know exactly that it was working, not for what I wanted to force, but for what I felt as real. Back then, I was making my manifesting about sweets. I thought that they are keys to solving my overweight because if only they will stop making me far or only I will stop enjoying them, everything will be solved. That’s bullshit. 

Then I made it about me

Right now, it’s morning in my time zone, and I just had my breakfast. What did I eat? Can you believe it was ice cream? I had a bowl full of good stuff, covering half of my daily protein intake. The main ingredient was ice cream, one of those low calories, high protein ones. They didn’t exist a few years back. Today they are easy to get in any grocery store.

Is that why I lost weight? No, another way around. They are a side effect manifestation of my changing my state towards my body. 

What I’m trying to tell, don’t try to fit yourself into something that you think is so or needs to be so. Make it about you because you are the operant power. And by “make it about you,” I mean to focus on your satisfaction. Focus on you being the one you want to be. In my case? I felt as fit and healthy. And then multiple bridges happened. My state changed. My mindset changed. My attitude towards food changed. My diet changed. My body changed.

Your state is the key

Yes, you want stuff that you think will make you happy. So do I. I want my specifics. But it’s not those specifics that will make me happy. It’s me enjoying having them that makes me have it. Because this something you want is only a byproduct of your state, change your state, and everything will rearrange itself to your vision. I have my high protein ice cream. It’s my state that created them. And me? I just shifted into being fit while enjoying food state.

So no, you don’t need a promotion, different education, a message from your SP or money for my coaching. You need to change your state!