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How to deepen your SATS (sessions of visualization)?

How to make your trance deeper, more vivid, and generally stronger?

Take some mushrooms for fun, if fun it’s what you want. But if you aim for having more success in conscious manifesting – don’t bother yourself with having deeper SATS.

Why? Because you won’t need it. I would even say that deepening your SATS won’t work in your favor.

First of all, to this point, you have manifested your whole life without any special effort or technique.
You have manifested both enjoyable and not so enjoyable things. You have manifested your debt, breakup, and extra fat without any vision board, mantra, or hours of deepened SATS. But you were using it.

What is SATS?

What is SATS? SATS is Neville Goddard’s name for those times when your brain emits alpha and theta waves. That mean’s you’re in SATS when you’re relaxed / work on autopilot. SATS naturally happens when your brain relaxes, functions in slow motion, and stops being so analytical. And you know what? You are in them many times a day. When you wake up in the morning, and you’re still “half asleep,” and go to sleep in the night, and you are already “half-asleep”. And when you clean your house, walk your dog, pee, drive your car, simply any time you do something so ordinary and no exciting that you’re almost on autopilot. That’s a lot of time, many moments. And that’s when you’re setting your life in motion when you imagine things that then happen for you. And you were always doing it so! While walking your dog or vacuuming your flat! That’s when you imagined your life that sucks / that’s now great.
Crazy right?

Get aware of your natural imaginal activity

That’s why you don’t need to deepen your SATS for better manifesting. What you need instead is to get aware of what you imagine all day long. Formal sessions are great and helpful. Do them! I love them! They let me fully experience my chosen reality without being even minimally distracted. I lie down or sit, close my eyes, shoot down my senses, and relax, and I’m only where I want to be. That’s vital. But what’s also worth noticing. If I make a couple of sessions per day imagining love and wealth and then while living my day I’m a fatal drama queen… that’s not going to work. So treat your “formal” SATS sessions as a support.

You have to get aware of your all day long imaginings. Start noticing it and every time you catch yourself on imagining shit – stop and change that. And start investing those moments of cleaning or driving for imagining what you want or simply something nice. While driving back home, imagine your friend happily in love. While walking your dog, imagine your dinner turning out, incredibly tasty today, while… and so on. It’s so easy. So fun. So fast.

Why awareness is so powerful?

Because that gives the power back to you. That’s one thing. Doing what I’m suggesting here, you start actually living with Neville like I do. Making conscious manifesting your way of life. And then there’s no place for any doubts or fears that “it’s not going to work” because you have constant wins and you know it does. Because you experienced that it does.

Second, you stop waiting. Get in the habit of imagining and revising on the spot. If something not so great happens, don’t wait till you get back home, feed your family, make your kids busy with cartoons, light a candle, turn on your brainwave music, and… see how much time you could waste on adding up unnecessary stuff? And maybe even get frustrated with not being relaxed enough…

Third, you’ll stop saying, “I wasnt imagining xyz and xyz happened”. You don’t have to imagine xyz for xyz to happen. You have to imagine what implies it does… You don’t have to imagine being sick to get sick. It’s enough to imagine missing out on your life.
You don’t have to imagine your specific person to love you back for that to happen. It’s enough to imagine being loved and fully fulfilled with your love life.

Imagining what implies takes off the pressure of being in control. You don’t control every detail. It’s taken care of by your state. You’ll notice that and start using conscious manifesting more consciously (yes, I mean precisely that), you’ll turn on your awareness on your thoughts, emotions, and wishes through the day. They are symptoms of your state, and your state it’s what runs the show.

Don’t waste your time

You need more awareness of your ordinary imaginal activity—no deepening your SATS.
Deepening your SATS for better manifesting is like going for a weight loss pills instead of changing your diet and exercise lever. Will it work? As long and only when you will be taking those pills.

Will deepened SATS influence you? Sure, but you will be dependent on them, depending on those moments of the day when you do your sessions. Let’s say you’re manifesting up your love life, relationship, a partner. What when that person will show up? You will want to spend as much as possible with that person, right? What will then be with your deepened SATS sessions? Probably you’ll stop doing them to have that time for your lover. In 30 minutes, you can go deeply into meditation or have incredible sex. That’s for you to choose from.

Or even better. Now you’re in your deepened sats 2 hours per day to manifest becoming a parent. Will you still have time for that when the baby will be born?

You can say ok, but then I’ll already have what I want. So let’s be honest. You’ll have what you want now, but you won’t have what you will want then.

That’s why don’t bother yourself with deepening your SATS. That’s not sustainable. Instead, go for awareness of your imaginings and making manifesting your way of life.

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