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What should I imagine? And how to pick the PERFECT scene for my wish?


How to pick the perfect scene to imagine to…
I can’t believe how many of you ask me that question. Repeatedly. Again and again. And Wait for the answer… Instead… Just imagine something that makes you move into your chosen state. (If you’re still confused what a state is, click here)

Scenes are like ice cream. Or picking a scene is like ordering ice cream. Let’s say I want a scoop of strawberry ones. I can be like „this one on the left” or „pink ones” or „strawberry, please” or even „same as always”. All of those ways of ordering will result in me getting the scoop of strawberry ice cream.

So which way will I choose? Depends on circumstances, but basically, doesn’t matter as soon as it will give me what I want.

Imagine anything that will move you to the state of your wish fulfilled. How will you know? Imagine and you’ll know.

Never imagine the wish

Stick to one rule and it’s never imagining your wish, always the wish fulfilled. A new car is your wish, you enjoying your car is your wish fulfilled.
(Check out this article where I was explaining that in detail.)

Feeling that Neville was talking about isn’t an emotion, it’s the knowing that something is real. Your inner experience. (See here for more on feeling.)

If your scene feels exciting and extraordinary – it’s not it. If your sessions “don’t work”, if you can’t keep your state – it’s not it.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if certain scene comes from your wish or your wish fulfilled. For example driving your new car can be both, or cuddling with your man can be both. Only you know. If what you are imagining makes you frantic and looking for signs or worse, don’t imagine that and pick up different scene.

What should I imagine?

Only you know that. Imagine something, anything that naturally comes AFTER your wish is fulfilled. Something that implies it. The trick is it can be literally anything.
My mentor Twenty Twenty advises imagining something you do every day. Like drinking coffee or buying groceries. How can it work? – you may ask. Oh, wonderfully! Here’s why:

Buying groceries while you are single isn’t the same as buying groceries while having a family.
Buying groceries while being on a budget isn’t the same as buying groceries while running a successful business and being financially free.
Buying groceries while being overweight isn’t the same as buying groceries while being fit and healthy.

Those may look similar. Maybe even exactly the same, but they are completely different INNER EXPERIENCES.

And that’s the key, the secret – your inner experience aka feeling.

Eating fries while thinking you should be on a diet… and feeling fat calling yourself ugly pig…
Eating fries while enjoying them, feeling alive and vibrant.

Those are exactly the same fries, with exactly the same taste… BUT THEY FEEL DIFFERENT.

Imagining something as ordinary and as daily as shopping or coffee does one more amazing trick. It keeps you away from looking for signs – one of the main state killers. You can’t look for the signs if something is happening while it is happening, daily… and it feels different. Remember what Neville said?

There’s no one and nothing to change, but self.

Self- your state. Imagining daily thing from the position of being the new ideal you, makes you be, that new you in an instant.