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How to shift your state of being ASAP?

There was this time I thought that being in the state meant being in some invisible, spiritual bubble. That was so easy to fall off from.

Those were fun times. I’m thankful it’s long gone now.

So before I will share with you my best advice on shifting states let me remind you what a state is:

Your state = a version of you that belongs to a specific reality.

Another word for a state is identity, meaning who you think you are in your life, and what role you play in your life.

States are what you describe yourself / others describe you: a loving partner, famous drag queen, successful business owner, woman, vegetarian…

They manage how you show up, how you act, how you think, what you do, how you’re seen and so much more.

1. Remember that you ARE NOT your state.

It may seem like it, especially if you lived from one for a long of time.

Then it feels like it was ALWAYS you.

But all the “always” and all the “never” are fake. Everything and every circle in your life had a beginning – a moment when you started identifying yourself with what has happened in the 3D.

The real you is STATELESS. You in 3D always persist in a number of states. And all of them can be changed.

to elaborate on that one:

You lived 18 – 21 years from the “I’m a child I can’t decide about myself” state. At that time even if you got pregnant/ in jail/ made Ph.D. you received special treatment based on your age. It was also a state – it made you behave, see the world, and be seen in a special way.

Chances are you are not there anymore. I bet there was a time you were single/ childless and now you’re not. Or opposite.

It changes. Every state change brings a change in circumstances.

2. Imagine what IMPLIES.

It’s a sneaky “self manipulation” way. Instead of imagining all the money/partner/ house/ skill you want to manifest see in your imagination how your life is impacted by the that you want.

In other words, imagine “consequences”. Everyday life consequences.

Since you have the money, what coffee do you drink now?

This approach works wonders if you want to adopt a new state.

3. But to change your state for the opposite one… NEVER DO IT.

Let’s say you feel that lonely it hurts. And you desire a relationship, maybe even with your chosen specific person.

DON’T (never ever) try to shift from “I’m so lonely” to “I’m so loved”. Trying to do that will only make you feel even more lonely. The gap is too big to quantum leap.

First remind yourself who you are – pure love, infinite energy aka god – and from there you can go ANYWHERE.


Move anywhere. Change your dominant (the most important one now) state for anything crazy.

Point one was about going back to pure beingness, but sometimes it feels hard AF! So you end up affirming “I ma god! I am god!” and feel nothing but frustration!

So instead, feel into being a vampire, a batman, or your teenage son.

Why? To stop identifying with your current 3D circumstances and experience that a crazy, quantum, and fast change IS POSSIBLE!

Move your body.

Go for a walk, do 10 jumps, and go work in the cafe (like I did yesterday – I did it for this reason).

DANCE. (Google if your city offers conscious dance parties. I LOVE THEM!

If you live in Berlin = DM me for recommendations!)

Go away somewhere new for some time/ a weekend/ a few hours.

5. (the advice you’ll hate)

Skip trying to design a state based on 3D. (ex. Skip trying to start waking up at 5 to be successful. Because maybe the version of you who’s successful sleeps till 10.)

And practice a lot. Your life depends on / is created based on your states if you want it or not. It’s not a matter of just one state and changing that one. It’s about mastering state shifting in general.

6. OBSERVE who you are.

I have my masters in sociology. And here’s the exciting thing… sociology has this tool named “participated observation” which is a BS. Because we humans can observe something (that places us automatically OUTSIDE of that experience) or participate and belong to it (identity inside). That’s why observing your emotions is such an incredible tool to make them pass faster.

That’s why observing your state – who you are makes you… not being in that state. So you can adopt any new state you like. (My recommendation is – by imagining what implies).

7. Tell yourself the story of what you want.

ex. I am lonely and usually spend my evenings alone, but I want to have sex with my specific person instead.

8. Learn how you shift your state naturally.

Learn how you shift your state naturally during your everyday 3D life, learn how you were changing states before you first heard about manifestation and states, and use exactly that blueprint 😍 It works like magic. It’s unique for you, but I teach how to find out your way in my signature POWERFUL AF program.

You can learn more about states here or here.

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