Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Why Neville Goddard’s STATE is a revolutionary concept?

Do you remember your pre-Neville manifesting?

I do. I knew the advice to “just get happier” and I was doing that… what sometimes was self-harm… and things were changing.

Only not necessarily those I wanted. On usually not those.

And finally, Neville Goddard told me exactly WHY and what to do to get what I want, not “something better”. There’s nothing “better” than that thing you want!

Surprisingly, manifesting exactly what you want has little to do with getting happier. and Yoy can get what you want crying and angry!

Your state = a version of you that belongs to a specific reality.

Another word for a state is identity, meaning who you think you are in your life, and what role you play in your life.

States are what you describe yourself / others describe you: a loving partner, famous drag queen, successful business owner, woman, vegetarian…

They manage how you show up, how you act, how you think, what you do, how you’re seen and so much more.

The most effortless way to manifest is by shifting/ changing your state of being.

Because it’s the state that holds within and takes care of manifestations.

ex. if you’ll start living from a loved partner state, it will give you a partner to love yourself.

The rich state will give you money.

And so on.

On the other hand, a lonely state keeps you single and a poor state keeps you poor.

Important: States don’t exist outside of you. It’s nothing like Plato’s forms!!!

It’s nothing like a costume/ garment anyone can wear.

It means that you don’t choose the state from existing ones. There’s nothing like a “poor state” or “loved partner state on its own”.

There are many people who are poor and it means different things to different people.

Same with people who have great relationships. Some are married, some hate marriage, some keep with traditional gender roles, some don’t, some are gay, some don’t have sex at all, some share FB passwords, and some don’t.

STATES don’t exist outside of you.

No one can tell you what state to choose. You cannot design a state for yourself.

The state is a version of you that belongs to a specific version of your reality.

Your state of being is NOT how you feel.

This is not about being happy, joyful, or positive.

It’s about how you relate to things. (What you know is real.)

(You have a state to anything in life btw!)

How you relate to things comes down to “it’s mine” or “it’s far away”.

It means you can be a miserable, nasty, repulsive rich bitch. And it won’t take away your money.

You know people like that.

Or you know toxic people who are loved and adored in relationships that make you be like “WTF?!”. But that’s how they see themselves. As paired. So they are.

This is where the vibrational theory falls down and states come in all in white.

Your state of being doesn’t depend on yon your emotions. It’s a separate thing.

Also because you are in many states at the same time…

You have a state for everything in your life.

You are someone around money. You are someone around relationships, around health, around politics, animals, around…

That mixture of states makes the current you.

A married, left-winged woman with cancer and her own business can be angry, sad, happy, or neutral, but her emotions won’t change who she is. Her emotions can change day by day and what. She’s still married.

It’s the other way around, her emotions will depend on who she is.

You can cry a river because of your job, be sad and angry, (and it tells something about your state around jobs), but at the same time, you may know you are loved, adored, and safe in a relationship.

So your state around the job needs a change, but your relationship state is your ideal.

(OMG, do you also remember that feat that now everything in your life will fall apart since you were sad all morning because of your pet? When we talk states that’s not a topic.)