Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Let’s be honest, do you believe manifesting works?

Long before discovering Neville Goddard, the law of assumption, and getting the desire to become a coach, I got my education in the Study of Religions and Philosophy. (That’s one of the factors that helped me to understand Neville Goddard’s teachings so easily.)

I learned about all the biggest religions, their psychological and sociological side, and way more. Religion is a pretty complicated thing—it’s all about believing. And believing is trusting the imagined.

Best story about believing

One of the most memorable classes we had at the University was called the Structure of Sacrum. It’s fun as we learned a lot about NLP there… 

And once, our professor told us as a joke. A Jewish joke that turned out to be one of the most powerful teaching stories I’ve ever heard.

It’s the best spoken as a long story, but let me put it here shortly:

A group of believers came to a holy rabbi, who was said to make miracles. Those people were all farmers, and it wasn’t raining for a very long time already, so they came to ask him to make that miracle and make it rain.

– Rabbi! Make rain! – ask the people

– No. – He answered.

– But why not, rabbi! We beg you!

– No, because you don’t believe in my power.

– Rabbi! We believe!

– No, you don’t.

– Rabbi! We believe!

– No, you don’t. If you really believe you would bring the umbrellas with you.

If you really believe you would bring your umbrellas with you.

Do you know manifesting works or you only hope?

And now tell me, do you really believe you can change your life with imagination? If you really believed, you would do your sessions. If you really believed, you would feel better, because you would know that the power is inside you and you can change anything. I’m not talking about fake happiness to attract better. That’s bullshit. I’m talking about acknowledging your power.

Last week someone sent me a message… saying that he wants my couching for free because he doesn’t have money and can’t stay in his billionaire state. I hope you see how ridiculously funny is that. That person totally skipped the fact he is imagining already. And he is imagining something completely opposite to the thing he says he wants.  

Yes, my coaching is a bridge, pretty much always. I’m not a Beyonce that you would like to do a call with me for me. No, you do it to become better at applying the law of assumption consciously. So my program is a bridge.

But in what?

You see, we manifest from the end. And your manifested end is what you feel NOW. We don’t plan the bridges. I know SP examples are best, so here what is. If you feel so lonely and so miserable and feel that your person doesn’t want you, and you message him/ her… You know, there will be or no response or some kind of a mess. But if you are in your ideal state, you feel loved and whole. It’s always a different story. 

Law of assumption isn’t a method to use. It’s explanation of your life.

I want to shake you for you to start noticing the fact you imagine all the time. If you haven’t notice it yet, you don’t believe. And if you don’t believe you see no point in putting that into practice. And that equals no results.

Imagination isn’t only the tool to change reality. Imagination is the thing that has created reality. It means that if you’re poor, you have imagined yourself to be poor. And NOW you can or keep imagining that or change it. But in both cases, you are imagining.

You can’t quit using the law of assumption. You are using it anyway. That’s the thing. Some understand the law of attraction this way: there are given life and a way to escape from it by attracting what we want. That’s not what I know is true.

“If you believed you would bring your umbrella.” – That means if you believe you would put the law to the test like Neville is teaching. Not for one wish, one big win, but for your whole life.

If you believe that’s how you could become a billionaire, what I charge for private coaching would be a great investment for you.

No, you don’t need to pay me anything unless you think that’s a good idea. You need to start noticing what you are imagining already. Are you imagining your wish fulfilled or not?

Don’t waste your time. Start consciously using the law. Stop thinking about it and start doing it. Use your imagination with awareness. If you’re confused, book that hour with me. Or with another teacher, if you prefer, but don’t choose someone “cheap,” choose someone who you know will rock your world.