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Everybody is you pushed out. Ok, … but who are YOU?

If there’s only one text I want everybody to read on this blog I want it to be this one. If you’ll get this – you’ll get the whole Neville.

Neville’s teachings are based on manifesting identities – states. Who you choose to manifest your whole life experience. You choose the state – identity – and the show starts/ changes/ ends.

Do you know who are you?

So… There’s no you. You don’t exist. Or you are. But not as constant. There’s only awareness experiencing life from different states and this life and this experience keep changing.

Were you the same person in the past? I guess no. You were somebody else, you saw the world through different states. Your „self” was different. I was already writing about last week.

What we are is God experiencing life. The consciousness wearing states – identities – selves.

The thing is you don’t exist as a constant. What you experience as you are a bunch of states you’re wearing now. When you change your states – who you are changes. Your SELF changes.

There is consciousness and the things you are aware of. And that’s the true you… that’s your you that we, me and you and everybody share. Consciousness, God, and that’s the true you. Not „yourself”, your self is you, for now, the temporary you, not the one and only real you.

There’s no such thing as YOUR reality.

How many times have you read/ heard that it is „your reality” and you can do everything there… That’s technically true, but practically bullshit. There’s no „your” reality, simply because there’s only one reality – consciousness. And you (your self) are a part of it, not it’s owner.

The temporary you (yourself) doesn’t have own reality. That would imply there are multiple realities. And as far as experienced this, it’s only a nice scientific theory. Very limited one.

There’s only one reality – consciousness. And consciousness is what and how you are aware of things. INCLUDING how are you aware of yourself. There’s only one reality- YOURS as only you are real.

You, this you who read this right now is a state. Same as me Koti, Katarzyna, who writes is a state. I didn’t exist last year, I won’t exist next year and I’m sure this applies also to you. It’s because I constantly move from a state to state and even this states (here’s a reminder – the state is an identity, the who I am), so even the states I keep for myself are changing and evolving. I’m not the same person I used to be. And I know I won’t be the same person next year.

This all sounds weird, I know. But as soon as you let yourself accept this. Manifesting gets so much easier. Because you can detach from yourself – the unwanted self and start embodying your chosen state – your chosen self.

Yourself ≠ You.

Yourself is NOT you.

You are God.

Yourself is a bunch of states you are temporarily experiencing life from. That’s all changeable.

All your states are changeable. Everything is possible for you. But to achieve that, you often need to sacrifice yourself and become a new you. Choose the new self.

Yourself is YOU pushed out. You – your consciousness gives life to yourself, and on this yourself depends everything and everybody you know. Yourself conditions your world.

If you don’t like yourself. If you want to have a different self – richer, prettier, more loved, more appreciated, more… whatever you want. That’s possible for YOU. Simply choose a new self.

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