Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Is your SP a middle?

Don’t imagine your wish. Never. Imagining the wish feeds your hunger, makes you crave you desire more and more. And then it’s impossible to get to and stay in the state of your wish fulfilled…

Because the state of your wish fulfilled is the state of satisfaction.

What do you really want?

That question, what is your end is essential. One of the biggest mistakes you can make while manifesting is not knowing what do you really want. So you limit yourself to the things you already know, or you settle for micro wins. Or you force manifesting middles.

What is the middle?

Oh, God. That’s huge. What is the middle? The middle is anything that you want for something, like money to buy the house.

Also everything with a deadline on is a middle. So if you tell me you want your exam to be rescheduled, I can only reply that it’s not that you trully want.

What’s the difference if you fail that test tomorrow or in 2 weeks? But you don’t want to fail, you want that to be rescheduled to have more time for learning and then pass with better score. So, you don’t really want rescheduling the date. You just think that would help you achieve what do you really want. That’s middle.

Or the lottery win to leave the job. That one is great… Here the desire isn’t even conscious. Lottery win is a vain thing… What do you want it for? What life is it going to give to you? Do you know yourself? Do you know what you want here? Or not at all, and the whole focus is on leaving that job you hate… Notice what do you feel real here… you feel real how awful your job is, right? Point for you for noticing. And now tell yourself, what do you want? How is that for you?

I guess you crave here to be more alive, more joy and pleasure in life, and financial freedom.

And most of the specifics are middles also. Let’s take the specific person (SP) example. You want him. But what for? People are stuck for months or years on wanting the person when in many cases, it’s the same vein as the lottery win. You want him or her to give you something, that something. And you’re unclear what it is. And you’re frustrated it’s not working. So it is so because the thing you feel real here is that something – that person – is missing to your happiness! And that’s what you’re manifesting for you!

But do it the other way around… Tell yourself what do you really want while wanting that person. What do you want with him/ her… and how it is. Is that great? Is it the feeling of full commitment? What I love in a relationship is that individual connection I can have only with my man, that special man I’m crazy about, and I know he’s crazy about me. I guess your real desire is something like that. And the trick is…

Any middle never will give you your dream. Money won’t guarantee the house. Lottery win won’t guarantee you loving your life and being financially free. That particular person won’t guarantee you that special relationship.

But the other way around…

If you’re manifesting middle, you’re struggling. Because you’re shooting for one of the millions of possibilities to get your genuine desire. That’s one thing. With conscious manifesting things often happen in a way no one could figure out. That’s the whole adventure. Think about it. You can be 100% sure about your future, it’s what you’re feeling real. Wouldn’t it be annoying if you know not only what but also how and when will it happen? With manifesting, you determine the end, and the rest is your adventure to discover.

Second, middles have no satisfaction. Neville teaches to repeat the imaginal act until it reaches its naturalness, and you feel satisfied. But you can’t be satisfied while going for a hypothetical step towards your real end. It’s like trying to be satisfied with one powdered low calorie cocktail instead of a yummy meal. You can’t go long this way.

Don’t be stupid, and don’t waste your time. With time… people who are 90 and are imagining being 20 again usually don’t get younger. But instead, they start over… So use that life you have now and live it to the fullest. Go to the end. Imagine your real wish fulfilled.