Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Identity based manifesing = effortless manifesting.

Making manifesting about you, that’s the rule and a key to effortless manifesting.

And that is really simple. Do you know the synonym to the law of assumption? Yes, that’s identity-based manifesting.

Identity is your state. The answer to the question “Who are you?”

(If you’re describing your state without the word “state,” – you got this!)

Check out the other 2 articles on states to get more clarity here: what is a state and how the state manifests.

What does it mean to make manifesting about you?

Every day you keep asking me how to focus in your manifesting on yourself instead of obsessing over your manifestation. Because you know, making it about you means stepping into the one who already HAS your desired manifestation. A lot of you have a problem here.

Meanwhile, it’s something you do all the time. Making manifesting about you means that you are the reference point. And that’s something you can’t escape.

On my example:

When I say “coffee,” it’s not cappuccino, dalgona, americano, nor… It’s Turkish coffee. The coffee I drink.

I have one cat. It’s she, and I call her on million ways. Why so? Because I have only one cat. It’s MY cat.

When I met my last partner, I was totally amused with the way he speaks about his kids. He says “MY daughter” and “MY son” instead of using only the names. HIS kids. There are so many people out there with the same names, but only one HIS daughter and only one HIS son.

Or let’s talk pizza. What’s pizza? I’m not asking about a definition. I’m asking what does it mean for you? Is it “yumm” with chicken and mushrooms? Or “yumm with cheeses on thick dough.” Or is it “bleh”? What’s pizza FOR YOU?

When you are on a first date with someone, and they are about to order food for you, and you’re picky or have allergies, then you’re stressed. You know that person wants good for you, he or she wants to impress you, but they don’t know YOU and what YOU like.

But when your partner orders you food, then you know you’re going to love it because it’s going to be YOUR favorite.

You are the reference point

That’s why when you ask me how to manifest money, and I answer that you should make it about you, what I mean is who you are with the money? Because notice, you’re different with extra money, and you’re different when you’re broke. You think differently. You make different decisions, you face different emotions, you make different plans, you… yes, you are in a different state. Poor you is a different state than rich you.