Koti Tea – manifestation coach

This ONE mistake blocks your manifestation. Stop imagining your wish.

This title sounds like a clickbait. Sadly, it’s not. Imagining your wish = what you want happening will make you stuck, frustrated, and frantic asking yourself why you get opposite results if you do everything right.


But isn’t it what Neville Goddard taught us to do?
No, Neville taught us to imagine what would IMPLY THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS ALREADY TRUE. Something that would naturally follow.

Why? Because of satisfaction. Satisfaction is the key. If you’re satisfied – you know what’s yours.

Let’s get some examples.
1. I want a new car. What would imply you HAVE that car? Using it? Driving it? Not really, you don’t have to own it to drive it.
But someone congratulates you on it. Someone being jealous of your car. Someone borrowing it from you. That shows/ implies it’s yours.

2. You want to lose weight. What’s your wish? Wearing smaller clothes. Having certain body parameters.
But what implies that? Size of clothes in your wardrobe. Again, a compliment. Things like that.

3. Do you want a relationship? Don’t imagine spending time with a guy, kissing or cuddling. Imagine having pictures together. Making two coffees in the morning.

Imagining the wish isn’t experiencing your manifestation being real

WHY? Imagining a wish is like eating one candy or one cookie only. Can you do that and not crave more? Or opposite and tasting a bit makes you want more? Imagining a wish makes you crave more of what you’re imagining. Makes you look for signs and proof that it’s here. And when you see that it’s not there yet… You lose your state. And your desire seems even bigger than before…

This is why you are said to not imagine just your manifestation but to go beyond it and imagine your life already transformed by the presence of your manifestation aka how it is if your business is doing great/ how it is being in a great relationship/ how it is to have more money than you need.