Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to manifest something wonderful happen to you this week?

It’s Monday. You woke up with a puffy face and boredom at heart. 5 days till Friday.

You’re manifesting your new life, but for now…

How manifest something wonderful happens to you this week?

Do you love surprises?

If your answer is big, bold YES = you’re going to love it. Because we can manifest not only specific things. It’s BS that you need to kill the Universe with details. You don’t need to know all the 3D details of the manifestation. You need to have a desire. And wanting a pleasant surprise is a desire.

Just decide:

All conscious manifestations start with the decision that you want what you want.

Often that’s everything we need to do.

So skip all the techniques and stuff. Decide something wonderful is going to happen to you this week. Period. Witness it happening.

Immerse in the feeling:

We all know Neville Goddard’s “Isn’t it wonderful” technique. That’s exactly about it, calling in the feeling of witnessing something awesome happening to us.

Repeating the words “isn’t it wonderful” isn’t necessary.

Remind yourself of the last time it happened:

When you dwell on the past you manifest more of what was. That’s how we create sad circles in our lives.

But the principle can be used to manifest wonders. Think about your most happy memories, and revisit them with all the vivid emotions!

Bonus idea if you have kids:

Do you have kids you want to teach manifestation and living a happy life?

Organize a family evening and share some of your most happy memories with them. Ask them about their most happy memories.

And then wonder together, what amazing could happen to your family soon?

If you feel down, do this:

You don’t have to feel great/ good to manifest great and good things and enjoy them.

You don’t have to be or feel different today to know it’s all going to be different tomorrow. You already doing it, if you have a cold this week you still know you can have fun at a party next week.

If your stomach pains today, you have no issues believing you’ll enjoy food tomorrow. Use the same principle to assume enjoying your surprise.

Practice gratitude

Start focusing on the things you love and truly appreciate in your life.

My advice is to exclude from this practice things you think you should be thankful for, (ex. running water or receiving a gift that isn’t sparking the joy in you) and to focus only on what’s truly enjoyed and appreciated by you.